STAR BOTTLE® How it works

Transmission to Deep Space will take place on the 2115 MHZ frequency, in the S-band, which Mimit (Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy) has assigned to Star Bottle® for 20 years. The realisation of the project and the sending of messages into the Universe is possible thanks to the partnership between the European telecommunications operator M3Sat and Telespazio, a Leonardo Group company, which has made a dish available at the Fucino space centre in central Italy

Your message will travel through our solar system, stars and planets including habitable ones, known as 'exoplanets', on which there may be life

The destination of your message will be the Milky Way. You can choose between sending a text, an audio, a photo/image or a video.
We will convert it to binary code with the 9.95 KHz emission and the 11 m dish from Fucino will transmit it on the first date of 10 August 2024. The message will become a personal memento to be framed in the 'successful launch' certificate that each 'space traveller' will receive after departure.

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